Competence in the profession
Administration / recordkeeping 3 -
The quest for results 3 -
Innovation 3 -
Written communication 3 -
The organizations own work / time management 3 -
Dealing with ambiguity 3 -
Professional knowledge 3 -
Cooperation intercompany 3 -
Project management 3 -
Predisposition required in the profession
do you have?
Operation on things
Creating / inventing
The use of the senses
Inspecting the goods in terms of quantity, assortment, expiration date
Preparing exposure or exhibition of goods according to the project
Preparing exposure or exhibition of goods in accordance with a previously prepared project
Preparing the draft exposure of goods
Preparation of proposals for procurement, preparation of returns
Regular visits to the outlets of the entrusted region
Preparation of documentation relating to the realized exposure
Traders suggest changes in the organization of the shop in a manner appropriate to increase sales
Supporting sales of products through: organizing promotional events, reporting ideas about commodity exposure, use of promotions, price reductions, etc.
Ensuring continuous availability of goods through inventory management products in stock
Systematic collection of information and preparation of reports, which contain data on needs and customer feedback, complaints, etc., And analyzing the bids of competitors and methods of operation
Secondary education


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